DefleMask uses Protracker's MOD standard effect enumeration, however, like other trackers, the speed and behavior of these commands are processed differently. Each system processes the effects differently and has some effects specific to it. Check the effects added and the behavior of the desired system, in it's respective article on this wiki.

Standard effects (all soundchips)

00xy - Arpeggio
01xx - Portamento up
02xx - Portamento down
03xx - Portamento to note
04xy - Vibrato
05xy - Portamento to note and volume slide
06xy - Vibrato and volume slide
07xy - Tremolo
08xx - Panning
09xx - Set speed value 1
0Axy - Volume Slide
0Bxx - Go to pattern
0Cxx - Retrig
0Dxx - Pattern break
0Fxx - Set speed value 2

Extended commands

E1xy - Note Slide Up
E2xy - Note Slide Down
E5xx - Fine Tune
EBxx - Set Samples Bank
ECxx - Note Cut
EDxx - Note Delay
EFxx - Global Fine Tune

Commodore 64 (MOS Technology SID 6581/8580)

10xx - Set WAVE
11xx - Set Filter Cutoff
12xx - Set Pulse Width
13xx - Set Fitler Resonance
14xx - Set Fitler Mode
1Axx - Reset ADSR
1Bxy - Reset Filter Cutoff
1Cxy - Reset Pulse Width

Extended commands

1E0x - Set Attack
1E1x - Set Decay
1E2x - Set Sustain
1E3x - Set Release
1E4x - Set Ring Modulation
1E5x - Set Sync
1E6x - Set Channel 2 mute

NEC PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 (Hudson Soft HuC6280)

10xx - Set WAVE
11xx - Enable/disable noise
12xx - Set LFO Mode
13xx - Set LFO Speed
17xx - Enable/disable samples

Nintendo Game Boy (Z80 Variant)

10xx - Set WAVE
11xx - Set Noise Polynomial Counter Mode
12xx - Set Duty Cycle

Nintendo NES (Ricoh 2A03)

12xx - Set Duty Cycle/Noise Mode

SEGA Genesis (YAMAHA YM2612, Texas Instruments SN76489)

YM2612 effects

10xy - LFO Control
11xx - Feedback Control
12xx - TL Operator 1 Control
13xx - TL Operator 2 Control
14xx - TL Operator 3 Control
15xx - TL Operator 4 Control
16xy - MULT Control
17xx - Enable/disable samples
19xx - Global AR Control
1Axx - AR Operator 1 Control
1Bxx - AR Operator 2 Control
1Cxx - AR Operator 3 Control
1Dxx - AR Operator 4 Control

SN76489 effects

20xy - Set Noise Mode

SEGA Master System (Texas Instruments SN76489)

20xy - Set Noise Mode


10xx - Legato

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